Lore – Chpt 13 Page 52

The Rule of the Story

That guy certainly seemed rather obsessive over the Boundman. Not surprising when you put your… when, what’s left of his soul.

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    Beside that I freaking love how the little music notes match with the main image. Overlord get little demon head why Darin get hissing dragon heads. Then we got the Boundman who I feel sound very close to nails on a a board.

  2. Well maybe making Marissa a Lore Keeper could even the odds? Akina has kind of possibly, permanently, fused with an aspect of Eliza and Beth. So perhaps the three aspects of them become Akina’s ink familiars. (I’m including the ghost marissa Akina is currently hugging.)

  3. Oh he’s Voldemort or Sauron, putting way to much of himself into his ultimate creation.

    But unlike Voldy who hid and scattered his Horcruxes, or Sauron who put in the ultimate defence mechanism into his artifact, the Boundman is defeatable, we’ve seen it, yet Marrisa has to be the one to destroy it.

    This is gonna be a long chapter folks.

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