Lore – Chpt 13 Page 46

Clash of Inky Ideals

Is that… is that even Paige anymore? And the Boundman is not as bound up as normal…

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  1. OOOKKK Akina really has the best(or worst in here eyes) luck in see mind blowing fights.

    So Boundman went to it second form . Though from the last few pages and that I guessing that the other character is Paige(I get back to that), Isaiah has fuse with Boundman to make that form. If that is true then that bring up some question for who or what Marisa really fight at the end of Unicorn the first time around.

    That can wait tell later. For now I just what to aww at Paige form. First thing first I all was love that straw hat and scarf look on character and seeing that made me like this. Then with the rest of her you can tell she base off a paper lantern winch you would think will not be so cool looking. Though I do have to say I love how that to the lower half she give off some vibe of those nobles lady with those metal bun dress. In the end she just a awesome looking monk/ninja/samurai(I can see her fitting either really well) in this form and cant wait to learn more about it.

  2. I’m going to call this fusion form of Isaiah and Boundman, the Unboundman. I don’t really know what Paige is, only that its based on the lantern spirit. Maybe Lanternwright?

  3. So now the truth appears, it was a henshin hero series all along !

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