Lore – Chpt 13 Page 45

Ripping It All Away

Akina, now might just be a time to grab the Marisa and RUN!

One Comment on “Lore – Chpt 13 Page 45

  1. Well that answer my question from last page. Paige seem to have her own bound cloth now as well. Really like how the two cloth are fighting it out in the middle panel. All so when they are hitting the ground instead of dirt it is pages. That is a nice touch.

    Did get a giggle at Akain question of where she was. I understand she be though a lot in a short time and just got up but seeing as she only be at the inn or inside the book and this is sure not the inn. Mind you if I where in her shoes i be crying on the grass as why the hell I’m in a war zone.

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