Lore – Chpt 11 Page 8

‘The Name of Akina’

And once more the pages turn as we switch back over from the Order to Akina and… what happened to the book?

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  1. Ok first I got a good giggle from that first panel and then my face fall. DID SHE REALLY HAVE TO SAY THAT IN FROUNT OF L!? I mean it no big deal if Boss man now he more of the plain and wait type. So he not going to do any thing right away any way. L on the other hand will try to find a way to get pay back as soon as he could and looking at that last panel(and I’m taking that is Akina) I dont think she be in any form for fighting any time soon. All so I cant tell if the book is rotting or that just left over burn stuff with new growth under it.

    • I think the old cover of the book has been horribly burned… but the tiny sliver of what we can see underneath looks newer than before. Considering the big tree we saw with Ohm earlier, I think that twig is probably a good sign.

  2. Okay so the Lorecrafters know her name. Bad. Now the book looks like it’s been burned and a limb growing out of it.

    Boy her mentors going to be upset.

  3. There going to have to prune that book a bit. Don’t want it sprouting roots. Paige might be a bit miffed on everything. I look forward to Akina beating up Lloyd again.

    Also I just went through the archive again.

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