Lore – Chpt 11 Page 7

‘Lloyd the Janitor’

You know, if you weren’t trying to eavesdrop, maybe Mordred wouldn’t have made you have to do so much cleaning on your own.

3 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 11 Page 7

  1. Wow! Is Quinten the name of the green robe Lorecrafter?

  2. LOL! The classic use a glass to try and hear what going on the other side. Not bad Lloyd, though I’m more try and see from the Key hole my self. Look like Tabus have not been working with him as much as he should or not give him a enough to do. Though look like the master is going to cover that. Nice punishment’s by the way and I like how he made the broom out of ink.

  3. Well Lloyd should have known better. He’s like that trouble making little kid of the group.

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