Lore – Chpt 11 Page 26

‘Flipping the Story Upside-Down’

Oh dear… this Isaiah is not pulling any punches.
How will Akina and Paige respond to this new development? Find out next chapter!

2 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 11 Page 26

  1. (deep breath) Ok I now there a lot of going on but really….I only have eyes for the last panel. MARISA IS SO CUTE! All right she all was been cute but that face as she ripping into that food is just to great for me not to love. Let see if she can make those belt rip!(goes look for more food for her). I like the darker shade of purple instead of white for her hair as well. Another thing I like about her goblin look beside the all around goofyness of being a goblin is the piecing. They seem to draw the eye to her nose and ear and that saying some thing as thanks to their size they all ready do.

    For rest of the page, I like the piece of paper flying around. It really show that Isaiah is ripping the ending a part to get his creation back by all means. Winch see as Boundman is my fav villain so far(he just ooze fairy tail monster you tell young kids) and with that eye he may be ne of my fav lorecrafter so far . A long with that I love the new look he gave Marisa. I say more power to him and I cant wait to see what he does in the next chapter.

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