Lore – Chpt 11 Page 25

‘A Lorecrafter’s Life Work’

Well, certainly must be a long life’s work given what we’re seeing of Isaiah so far. No spring chicken.

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  1. Lol Adel was fun this page. I just love his simple comments which I agree with. Boundman is creepy. Why his sister commens where not as fun they where much more info heave winch I feel a number of people will be happy with do to all the talk we got when he started breaking the ice. All so man the hang man fit Boundman to a T. Any way at the end of the page I would be going aww with the heave feel of boy finding is lose dog( really that smile on Isaiah look nice) but do to the far more creepy feel from it. I will say “weird inhaling sound this is not going to be good for any one. Most of all Marisa”

  2. Okay that is certainly new. Boundman was made to keep stories from crossing over to each other? Well it failed when it became entangled in Unicorn Trail. I hope it can’t be restored to its original purpose.

  3. so the next chapter is unicorn chapter 2 or is it all in lore comics?

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