Lore – Chpt 11 Page 12

‘Reshuffling the Deck’

Paige seems a little concerned there. What could be happening that she is worried over?

3 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 11 Page 12

  1. Wow I like this plus some more story symbols. Two that haven’t been assigned to a storyline. Should we be concern for the overlord story symbol?

  2. Well this was a very up and down feeling page. That panel with the fold out page had me giggling as it remind me of some pop up books and seeing as it has writing on the back of the pages as well. Made me laugh a bit more when I read the maze part. Really I can see some page make you read it upside down or like a manga. Then I got to the bottom of the page. The look on Paige kill that laugh and went to “Oh shit now what”. We now Darin had all ready had a run into her by him saying he now her smell. As well as Magnus early…life(really I have trouble saying he was ever a life to begin with from what we now) was little more then a dragon shape meteorite. So yeah dont see good thing in the study.

  3. As long as I can read the main story and not get lost in the labyrinth, im fine.

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