Lore – Chpt 11 Page 11

‘The Enigmatic Maestro’

Seems Paige has met Ohm in the past. Though she’s not being very informative with what she does know.

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  1. Really do love how Paige use smoke to tell her story. Make me feel like she be really good at telling camp stories. We all so learn a from the good side of are two mystery man. Though much of it are more maybe or what if then a flat answer but hey the story is still early chapters. If we got straight answer right away there be no point in reading it to see the answers. Though I feel a lot of people will have that same look as Akina with such pages. “

  2. Actually that is a probably good explanation.

  3. The enigmatic music man remains exactly that. Seems Ohm likes the mystery surrounding him; or maybe he doesn’t like clogging pages with long exposition. Or maybe he’s just a showman waiting for the right moment? Many possibilities, only a few points of information.

  4. When it comes to the names of the members of the Order of the Last Page there is also a third option. That their parents could have been inspired by the old stories.
    Doing a quick google search, Troyman for example seems to be a real surname. So her mother could have named her daughter after Helen of Troy. With the name Mordred, depending on the telling, he could be a hero, an anti-hero, a villain, or something in between. Though in present day literature he’s more commonly presented as a villain.

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