Trader Lydia #428

‘An Unexpected Delivery’

I thought for the first Lydia page posted onto the site, it be nice to let Summer visit her sister. Not just as a sweet little cameo but to show how far the sisters can go over time as they begin to exhibit their own individual looks. Also, delivery sparrow! So cute!

4 Comments on “Trader Lydia #428

  1. Nice to see her again! I thought she was stuck as an owl. But, I guess not.

  2. Well nice to see Summer’s human form. I also like the delivery sparrow.

  3. Such a nice sight to see. Summer ‘Teal’ Truffleshroom, looking a lot more herself than last time she was in the strip. Hope this means she’ll be making more visits to her sisters now she’s managed to figure out arms again. Not sure if she’s managed legs yet, but early days…

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