Trader Lydia #500

The Debate of Combat Style

What sort of combat do you prefer in games? Defensive? Offensive? Ranged? Close-Quarters?

5 Comments on “Trader Lydia #500

  1. Fully agree with Vaurin.(grab some popcorn as well)
    Booth girl make great points and why I like having both(demon weapon with dwarf armor). I likely go with dwarf as I normally have a support mind set so durability and longevity work better for me as I normal dont have enough attack power to use live steal any way. All so I have been dieing to see this two meet scent we find out Lola was going to be a blacksmith and it was as great as I thought it would be.

    You all so did a great job on the weapons looks as well.

  2. “Blood sucker healing effect”, huh?
    sounds the new Blood Rite armor skill in MH rise Sunbreak…

  3. Ah, the eternal debate over what’s better…also, Happy 500th Lydia!

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