Trader Lydia #475

‘A Currency for Every Occasion’

I know many people who could use some of that.

5 Comments on “Trader Lydia #475

  1. Rupees are from LoZ in general, the snails, I think, are from A Link Between Worlds…
    Where are the other currencies from?

    • Endo was most likely Warframe, as it’s a resource/currency to upgrade mods.

    • Bottle caps are from Fallout—they’re apparently the perfect post-apocalyptic barter fodder. Chocolate coins—I don’t know what country you’re from, so this may be an as-you-know, but just in case you don’t know—are a popular candy for kids, at least here in the States; they’re very useful for treasure hunts. DM cards, based on the picture, are Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards—in-universe, the game is referred to as Duel Monsters.

  2. NFT’s are scams, crypto all i hear are pump and dump schemes from that

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