Trader Lydia #456

‘Lola’s Mining Excursion #1’

Story time with the sisters as Lola goes to the mines for a little collecting and gets more than she was planning for.

3 Comments on “Trader Lydia #456

  1. OOHHHH!!:smiling_face_with_3_hearts: Look like Lola is the next one to get a make over and it her race this time. I REALLY hope some of this stick. Even if she does not end up as a full dwarf. That long wave hair and cute round nose look great on her. No matter what though going to be fun to see how what the other sister think of her looks. OH just look back at past comic and now she got her father nose! Plus in the first panel I can her whistling “off to work we go” The guy all so look pretty good. Nice bread and his color are pretty nice. Along with a tinting name

  2. so what are the transformations here as seen in the 3rd and 4th pictures?

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