Woodland Wanderings – Bethany Big Balloon

Turns out, Beth was now super durable, pushing through bushes with ease.

Despite her bulky size, Beth deflates to the smallest of thorns.

Eliza questions what if they heated Beth up like a hot air balloon?

Bethany Big Balloon

Beth has certainly gotten big and rather round. Hopefully it’s useful… somehow?

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Bethany Big Balloon

    Really thanks to this line Beth may have a fear of water soon. She does look look sort of cute like that. Change her skin a bit and she will not make a bad pokmon with that shape. All so I like Beth idea she now a guardian golem for the egg. That not a bad idea at all…..so long as she dont pop. That said if she does and Eliza have to keep blowing her up I can see some magic start rubbing off on her from all of the lip touching.

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