Unicorn Trail – Act 1 – Page 47

Marisa, panicked, runs away, worried she’d interacted too much already with them.

Before Marisa can give an answer, there was a commotion near by. It sounded like Brunhild?

Feathered Rescue Success

Well, she rescued them. Now you have to deal with those consequences, Marisa. You’ll need to be… SOCIABLE!

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One Comment on “Unicorn Trail – Act 1 – Page 47

  1. Just like the first time I got to say. “It to late Marisa you are part of the group now! Get ready for all bunch of crazy” as the two pull her back .Beside that I love how Eliza does speak so blunt what would have happen.All so that bottom image is still cute with showing how small Marisa normal is .

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