Unicorn Trail – Page 35

Hollow Fear

Well, that certainly is going to put the fear into anyone…

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 35

  1. Well that nightmare fuel for tonight that for sure. I really like how you write out how Marisa see her self right now. A mouse hiding in a hole. With the remained of past self as well. Another good part was Boundman talk. I love the flower he gave each one of them as well. Though the big part of this page was seeing Bound Eliza and Beth. First time we saw Eliza in such a form. Made even worst as Boundman just let the bodies fall to mess with Marisa even more. Likely Bo9undman and his master have find out that there no real way to kill her, so all they can do is mess her up so much in the head that she will not come back on her own free will.

  2. “No, don’t end this one … not yet …
    Leave it to suffer, my Bound Man … leave it … as an example ….”

    “To any who think that they are strong enough to face us … let them see … what a tiny tool looks like …”

    A new kind of hidden messages. The lorecrafter whispers into his creation’s ears.

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