Unicorn Trail – The Belle Family

Belle brings her new ‘sister’ along, eager to teach her more about her family.

Marisa excuses herself, needing to breath after so much touching.

The Belle Family

One family after another. They certainly bare resemblance to their mothers, though the question on Marisa’s mind is likely ‘how’?

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – The Belle Family

  1. LOL!!So happy that I got the path with Belle right away as she is a hoot. Take after Eliza a lot it seem. All so I love the idea she marry a cook. Plus that moment when she saw Marisa was priceless .😁 Marisa better watch out or she may start looking like Belle soon.

  2. Oh boy this is what the second family and I’m curious about more. I vote 1.

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