Unicorn Trail – Parasitic Attachment

Eliza tries to remove the bug from Beth’s back by force!

Eliza tries to remove the bug from Beth’s back… by asking Beth what she should do…

Parasitic Attachment

Well, that’s a bad sight to wake up to in the morning. Skin be crawling for weeks if I saw something even a third that size…

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3 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Parasitic Attachment

  1. Ahhh the bug path. I remember this one well.All was like how you did this hair style to show age.

  2. She has to do two because she doesn’t know heated pins kill ticks. If she gets a red hot poker it could kill the thing and release youth back into her body! If I remember correctly, the original had it be a page whose options lead it to the bug scurrying off injured, releasing the youth back into Beth, or it exploding into both of them.

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