Unicorn Trail – A Dynamic Duo

Mag show’s Marisa her new potion, ‘Midas’ Touch.’

Mag show’s Marisa her new potion, ‘Luck of the Elvery.’

Mag show’s Marisa her new potion, ‘Raven’s Sight.’

‘A Dynamic Duo’

Before there was Eliza and Beth, there was was Mag and Marisa.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – A Dynamic Duo

  1. Lol! Good thing Eliza did not have magic or I can see her trying to throw fire ball or what ever in her hands as well. As for Marisa yeah she is for sure the Beth of the group. Got even the check mark going on along with a bun.

  2. (Laughing) Well that’s a comedic picture to see. I vote 2 it seems to be a species change.

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