Unicorn Trail – Dreamers and Sand

Marisa admits she did, showing the pendant she had beneath her coat.

Marisa lies, saying she didn’t know about it, owing to the figure’s ominous air.

Marisa questions what for, trying to feel out her new guest.

Dreamers and Sand

Is Marisa a magnet for creepy figures? She already has to deal with Boundman in one line and now you have this guy…

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3 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Dreamers and Sand

  1. Well, this is a new character, and what an interesting one to boot. Honestly, if it was me, I would pick the third option.

    If anyone want to know the message: [“Go right,” one said. “Go left,” spoke the other, neither able to decide.]

  2. “Go right”, said one, “Go left”, said the other, neither able to decide.

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