Unicorn Trail – Meeting of Two Ladies

Marisa first encounters Mag at a local bar.

Marisa’s first encounters Mag, the witch stuck as a cat at that moment.

‘Meeting of Two Ladies’

Mag doesn’t seem like she wants to talk about. Probably means its embarrassing and worth some popcorn for a listen!

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Meeting of Two Ladies

  1. Hummmmmm I can’t imagine them first meeting in a bar. Number two seem too wholesome. But Mag’s reaction earlier suggests it may be Numbar 3 so I vote for 3.

  2. (rub hand together) First page(s) into the story and I all ready love where this is going. Do love how Marisa look in her prime. The hair is really good. For story. I like how Mag seem nervous about it winch is a surprise as she does not seem the type to be easy nervous. Another good part is all the place she all ready went or trying to go. All around a good page. Now to think on where their first encounters is.
    All so I like how you did that blond in the background.

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