Unicorn Trail – An Old, Scaled Acquaintance

Marisa talks with the kobold for awhile, catching up on happenings around Rhodes.

Ziela lets Marisa talk, her and the other kobolds curious to hear what the old woman has been up to.

An Old, Scaled Acquaintance

Well, ain’t she a little emerald jewel of a kobold. And those red crest feathers… feel like I’ve seen this color combination else where…

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – An Old, Scaled Acquaintance

  1. Nice to see a new kobold, to no surprise I love her colors. Beside that I freaking laugh at what she told Marisa. You can tell they where friends from that line alone. All so Marisa comment back to it was just as good as well. Really Marisa been good with ever one she meant and I do like that about her.

    I dont now if it bad of me or not that ever time I see a female with red hair (or what count as hair) with a green outfit and green eyes I think “Oh a Eliza version?”

  2. “Ziela”… Doesn’t take someone like me to realize that it’s an anagram for Eliza!

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