Unicorn Trail – Spiking the Cauldron

Marisa and Mag are transformed into small, subservient impish creatures.

Marisa and Mag are transformed into dim, brutish orc minions.

Marisa and Mag are transformed into stubby, bark covered ‘bog dwellers’.

Spiking the Cauldron

Yeah… yeah, she’s pretty egotistical… I expect karma to catch up with her given Marisa did nothing in this instance.

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One Comment on “Unicorn Trail – Spiking the Cauldron

  1. Yup Ira is still her trick old self it seem. Love how she look in the first drawing as she was putting in her potion along with the smaller image.All she need to add to that is the peace sign .Beside that I got a giggle at the part Mag said she made mushroom soup in there. Even if Ira did not add some thing then I feel they may have got mushroom pox or some thing.
    Now just to set back and see what the two become though. Do like the sound of the paths.

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