Unicorn Trail – A Jolly Cookie Full of Warmth

Marisa spends the rest of the winter getting acclimated to her new shape.

Marisa was feeling adventurous and decides to go find Kris.

A Jolly Cookie Full of Warmth

Well now, not too shabby a form. Though for her sake, hopefully the belly doesn’t come with an appetite to match or she might need to go snow hunting for more food.

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One Comment on “Unicorn Trail – A Jolly Cookie Full of Warmth

  1. Hehe that was great! I love how you writing out the wg scene. Most of how how her cheeks filled out. She has such a cute face as well. She may still be old but their is a youthfully look to it. I all so love how long her hair is as well. I like how right after the change she what to go find the guy to see where he got the cookies.

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