Unicorn Trail – A Village of Children

Marisa asks around the juice stand.

Marisa searches near the toy store.

As Marisa is looking about the village, she hears a pan flute begin to play.

‘A Village of Children’

Well, this seems a little odd. Who’s going to tell these children its nap time?

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5 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – A Village of Children

  1. Hehehe look like Marisa had walking to wonderland some how or craig of the creek. I really do like they have all the normal stuff but just made for the kids instead. All was grin at the idea of a bar sort of one. All so great to see the kids as well. Love how the first and last one looks. So that all said is this good or bad place is the question on my mind. Why I now peter pan is not a bad guy. The idea of kids having no idea what a father or mother is all was felt a bit off.

  2. Those first 2 kids… I think I know who they are.

    Seriously though, given their luck they’ll be stuck as kids for some time still unless Marissa saves them.

  3. Uh oh, I think Marisa found where the Pan Piper hides the kids. I vote 1 & 3 because of that.

    • Personally, I’m guessing it’s the plot of the Minky Momo movie, but on a much smaller scale. Hope someone commission’s 3 soon so we can see which of us is right.

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