Another Princess Story – Page 75

Unshackled from Fate

Well… this is disconcerting… be careful around the Overlord. He might see you.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Page 75

    First I love how you did the bit of Roya floating behind and they left the page. WOuld make a good after image sort of trick. The overlord on the other hand look like he is being drain of color. Seeing as he is undead white a good color for him. White of bone. For the reading part . I can hear the Overlord shouting his anger about getting his fight taking away from him. I say take away from him as they likely have to go though the same fight as before just with Roya in a new look. That said he may fight even more strongly now that he saw some thing new.

  2. HAH! Loopless or no, you’re not getting your perfect fight Grif.

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