Another Princess Story – From Aunt to Who?

Regina is surprised but certainly thinks Geenya is still lovely, willing to help her with her new look.

From Aunt to Who?

Well, that’s certainly a different look. A rather middle ground of Regina and Geenya.

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3 Comments on “Another Princess Story – From Aunt to Who?

  1. Well that happen . Got to say why it really is a change in looks Geenya is not bad looking like that and I be lie if I said I would not love her ending up as Regina. More so seeing as Regina came from a Roya tf. So the idea that she get a daughter from a Geenya tf will be to funny. All so I really like the glass breaking, I thought it was the page it self…again

  2. Well I gotta say Genya should have listened to the court mage, he warned her against using the compass and even if it was used to not use it for long, but at the same time telling a child or teenager to not do something will only make them want to do it more, so I can kinda understand why she used it, well let’s see where this will go from here.

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