Another Princess Story – Happy Days

‘Yet as the fall leaves fell, Jack soon had to depart.’

‘Jack had a point, though. Could we get him in good graces with the other lords?’

‘As we went to a local tavern for that evening, Jack wasn’t the only one with his eyes on me.’

Happy Days

Seems like the two are having a most joyous of times together. Though was this always in first person?

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Happy Days

  1. SO happy I got this as I love how different the writing is from all of the other lores.Plus getting more detail of this two dating is a plus! Really like how Jack was thinking of stories to tell the lords in hope to make him look lest of a common. Two other thing I like is Roya dress(very pretty and a style I never thought to see on her) and that little Easter egg about Eliza father.

  2. Awww what a beautiful sight. I vote 1 to keep on the correct road. Way to go with this.

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