Another Princess Story – Searching Amidst the Lumber

As Beth said that, the old hag popped up behind them, giving the two a startle.

Eliza tries to walk over but can’t – her hand was fused to a block of timber.

The two keep looking but Beth gets distracted by a small wooden idol.

Searching Amidst the Lumber

Hmmm, now where is that old witch…

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One Comment on “Another Princess Story – Searching Amidst the Lumber

  1. This was a fun page. I like how the first part was more or lest Eliza trying to deal with her thought about Mag. Winch yeah I will agree those two do seem to have a lot in common. I think it would be fun to see them butt head with no magic and just talking. Just to see how that would end .

    As for the sceond part. I got to agree with Beth . I all was like the smeel of fresh cut wood. My Dad is a landscaper. SO I been around that stuff scent I was little.

    Last bit I happy this page was pick up as it be fun to see how they look as wooden craving if that is pick up. The other two paths sound fun as well.

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