Another Princess Story – A Boy Betwixt the Stars

The young lad decides to play with the princess balloon, deciding to have some fun first.

The young lad helps push Roya back down to the ground, wanting to deflate her safely.

The young lad says he has an idea but they need to go ‘home’ first.

A Boy Betwixt the Stars

A young boy… who came fly and is accompanied by a fairy named Tink… no, it can’t be…

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One Comment on “Another Princess Story – A Boy Betwixt the Stars

  1. Yeah. So a big thanks to Cool for getting the old style page. Peter Pan has all was been a big name in fairy tales. So it good to finally see him in Lore. Do wonder how he will turn out. As some people think he be trouble. So far he act like I image he would.

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