Another Princess Story – Red-haired Beauty Advisor

The three get inside the study and find the mage within.

The three get inside the study yet find the mage was currently away.

Red-haired Beauty Advisor

Well, guess Eliza believes Roya now. Hopefully her luck doesn’t make this worse for the princess.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Red-haired Beauty Advisor

  1. LOL This was a great fully up from last page. Got to agree with Roya asking for help as she likely do what this cure as soon as she can. That said I like the other two bit more. Eliza talking about their last curse with Beth saying that was wrong makeing Roya worry was great and fitting. Other little thing like Eliza calling Roya body a gorgeous figure(even though it was likely a test) to Beth blushing and feeling her own hips when Roya grow.

  2. Oh man this was interesting. Glad an old friend is now helping out. I vote 1.

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