Another Princess Story – Legit Work, Hard Work

Jasra decides to go back the crooked route to provide for her and her daughter.

‘Legit Work, Hard Work’

Poor Jasra. She got too used to the thieving life.

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3 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Legit Work, Hard Work

  1. Awww Najima Roya looks so cute sleeping in the basket. Cooing aside I’m surprise that Jasra has gone legit for three weeks with a few pickpockets here and there. Now the most difficult part is not knowing which option leads to the awesome version of Roya. So I vote both.

  2. Hehehe good to see Jasra trying the legit way. Sadly for her it seem it not as easy as she thought and why it may be legit does not mean ever one will play fair. That said it is so great to see baby Najima as ever seen is so cute of her.

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