Another Princess Story – Getting Clowny About Town

Beth was not thrilled by their new forms and suggested they take this up with someone who could help.

Yet slowly they began to not care about their appearances, more like they were getting comfortable in how they looked now.

Getting Clowny About Town

Well, they got the clown part down now.

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One Comment on “Another Princess Story – Getting Clowny About Town

  1. Out of the old paths this have to be in my top 5 as it fit them so well and the ending was just great. Seeing as clown they got the attention they what (more Eliza then Beth) as well as was able to get people happy. This new one did it great.
    First I love how much Beth try to stop Eliza but she just went full steam a head .I could not stop giggling at the middle page with Eliza look being so smug with her idea. Only to full laugh at the bottom. I like that Eliza scar turn into a star. Love how big her hair got as well. Beth look great as well and I think she may starting to sport some Hartman Hips.

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