Another Princess Story – A King in his Youth

A story about their father’s quest to slay an ogre.

A story about the three brothers fighting for the crown.

A story about her father being very strict with the sons.

A King in his Youth

I can see the family resemblance between the king and his nephew, Char.

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3 Comments on “Another Princess Story – A King in his Youth

  1. LOL! Love how the King cam in and just went “Nope nope nope” I wonder what his sister ever did to him that made him act that way. Though I do agree with her comment about curious quirks. I think that fit their family well.

  2. Oooo, a chance to see a younger King, his yet-unseen brothers and a not-as-round Regina? Sounds great! I vote either 2 or 3, since they sound like we would see the brothers sooner.

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