Another Princess Story – Ego Evolution to Duchess

Roya was shocked by this. Suddenly she was a lot more alarmed by her predicament.

Roya was horrified by this. She wanted her skinny beauty back!

‘Ego Evolution to Duchess’

It turns out, under a fullmoon, you can get your Roya with max ego points to evolve into a Duchess Roya!

Not seeing a link to an option? Visit the Shoppe and commission that page today!

4 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Ego Evolution to Duchess

  1. LOL!! Just the set up of this page. First Roya sister tell her ever thing she does not what to hear more or lest and then she just again . Winch I really love how you have the dress show off her belly that way. I dont now if you mean to but it look like her belly button pop out as well. Winch made me laugh.

  2. Oh god I don’t want to see ‘Regina’ back I vote 1 & 2!!!!!

    • But…. Regina already exists in the reborn book, so how would that even work!? What if the real Regina and the fake one met, would the whole path implode on itself!?

      • Your probably right. I just don’t like the version of Roya where she basically becomes a copy of her aunt. It just hard for me to imagine her so egotistical and selfish.

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