Another Princess Story – Even Between Them

Eliza decided they should go and see how they looked next to Roya.

Eliza decides… maybe they should go and buy some better fitted attire? She was spitballing, really.

At that moment, the curse just seems to… wear off? What’s with that timing!?

Even Between Them

Well, Eliza got what she wanted… but it seems she had no other plans outside of getting the form. That fits for her.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Even Between Them

  1. Well first thing first. Happy to see this finally work out for them. They do look very lovey well round now . It help they they are smiling as well. One detail I love is that Beth even got her own boob window as well.

    The sceond part. Of course Eliza did not have any goal beside this. I mean she was not wrong , with their luck it was very unlikely to happen in the first place any way. So question really is what next?

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