Another Princess Story – Too Big for the Page

The royal mage fixes their mistake.

The royal mage fixes their mistake… but they still needed punishing for their behavior.

Too Big for the Page

While I wouldn’t say these stories are for the whole family, we are certainly not THAT type of story to show Eliza’s wardrobe malfunction of page.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Too Big for the Page

  1. I know the old saying “Junk in the trunk” but that’s taken it to the extreme.
    Not to mention what’s happening with Eliza.

  2. LOL! I know some one would get this and thank you Dino for doing so. See how big that door is, Beth really does have a wide load there. Love the story big as well. Really some one got rich off making new pants for Beth. All so luagh at that bit about people in the kingdoms being breast fans. Nice we got a look at how big Eliza got as well.

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