Another Princess Story – Tales Beneath the Starry Sky

Roya starts to get nervous, worried this was only happening cause of the necklace.

Roya is completely charmed by the stories, wanting to see some of the things/places described.

Tales Beneath the Starry Sky

Such a simple moment yet I adore how the pictures turned out.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Tales Beneath the Starry Sky

  1. Had to get this path do to the queen lines and so happy I did.
    Really love the part where Jack speak as it is a very cute scene between the two of them.All so Jack does have a way with words it seems’

  2. I like how these pictures have turn out as well! I like how the Jester is now talking and I love the stories he is telling are about other characters with the name Jack. I vote 1!

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