Another Princess Story – Getting Out of Eurus

The troop stop off in Harmonia on their journey, with Najima getting Jasra unwanted attention.

Along the way, the troop picks up another traveler.

‘Getting Out of Eurus’

For anyone new – Eurus is the name of Lore’s version of Europe (named for the god of the wind and autumn) and Ufalme is the Lore version of Africa (named for the Swahili word for ‘kingdom.’

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4 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Getting Out of Eurus

  1. Oh they finally meet up with the performing troupe. But now the carriage and the woman look oddly familiar. Are we going to encounter a version of Jack here? Also I wonder what Najima translate too?

    I vote 1 & 3 because 1 leads to the awesome version of Roya while 3 we will try to guess who it is.

  2. Also I did a double take and saw a familiar shape in the background in the first picture.

  3. Yay thief Roya gets a name, will that be updated on her character sheet on Deviantart?

  4. Happy to see Thief Roya get a name, will the be reflected o Deviantart? Also do hope the storyline of them staying in the circus continues, may be a way to connect the clown path.

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