Another Princess Story – Descending the Tower

Roya looks at a potion labeled ‘Rapunzel Locks’ with a note suggesting rapid hair growth?

Roya looks at a potion labeled ‘Tonic of Everdeath’ with notes saying it make a person invulnerable?

Roya looks at the potions but gets a weird feeling – why put a potion room right under where you’d keep prisoners?

Descending the Tower

Well now, this seems pretty handy. But what to use for an escape?

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5 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Descending the Tower

    • I announced on Twitter and Discord last night I was doing a special post today, separate from the regular posting time. There’ll still be stuff posted at the regular times.

      • I didn’t even know you have a discord. Give me a sec I’m looking for that.

  1. Ok I really like how instead of like the old paths she find the potion in likely the mage room instead of having a botton hidden in her dress. Seeing what was talk about this week. I feel like ‘Air Swimming’ will be the pick people should be looking at.

  2. Roya you need to learn to not use the Evil Wizard potions, at least it is fun for use readind it.

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