Another Princess Story – The Heart of Attraction

Roya decides she’d tease the next couple of ‘suitors’ that came knocking.

No, as princess, Roya should reserve herself while her father was ill.

‘The Heart of Attraction’

Seems that necklace has a little more to it than it seems. Whatever is a girl to do?

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – The Heart of Attraction

  1. Oh this so great. It’s like you combine 3 pages from Deviant Art to make it plus the style makes it a bit more updated. I vote 1 cause it will lead to Jack appearing.

  2. Great to see this path in the new style. Nice to see she did think about her father being sick and all but I like to think such a get together will all so be good as she be able to see who is good for the kingdom as well as let people life up that they are a life in the first place.

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