Another Princess Story – Magical Escape Option

Roya soon starts to feel chilly though notices the rope growing brittle.

Roya is surprised when she felt her arms were now free… well, one pair of them were.

‘Magical Escape Option’

Well, Olyvia being two steps ahead of these bandits… though it be nice if Roya had asked her sister what it did first…

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Magical Escape Option

  1. Ohhhhh we’re getting closer till one of the best incarnation of Roya to make her debut in this format. I vote 1 & 2 cause 2 leads to one of the best incarnation and 1 cause it leads to another incarnation that wasn’t really expanded on but its potential is just as interesting.

    • I know right!? One of 1’s yet unseen paths leads her to becoming a precursor queen out current Starrweald Queen Roya (LOOOOONNGG MAY SHE REIGN!!). And even though we know the basics of the story, whose to say how it has changed and expanded since the book Phoenix’ed itself from its own burnt bindings?

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