Path of the Orient – Shiny Upon the Ground

Deyaan asks around but finds no answers to who owned the item.

As Deyaan searches town, he begins to notice something strange happening…

As Inari watched Deyaan from afar, he noted a mysterious snake slither into town.

Shiny Upon the Ground

Wait, an hourglass… and a snake…? I’m getting a bad feeling about that pendant…

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2 Comments on “Path of the Orient – Shiny Upon the Ground

  1. Ya know, at first when I the description for path three, I thought the Mystery Snake was supposed to be The Mara from Buddhist religion, but then I remembered the Book’s own Time Snake Deity from the original version of The Unicorn Trail! LoL!

    I always assumed Deyaan was a Buddhist because of his orange robes and large beads making him look like he walked straight out of a Buddhist Temple in Tibet. If he is, it would be nice if Deyaan mistakes the snake for The Mara once it inevitably starts to do supernatural and sinister things.

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