A Knight’s End – Page 10

Always a Bigger Fish

That is certainly one reason not to fight on a fantasy version of the high-seas!

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One Comment on “A Knight’s End – Page 10

  1. I really like the first part of this page as it show how my thought have change over the years. When this page was first done I said”….boy does bring up good point. “.Now I’m thinking this really show his age and how small a image he looking at.He still right about the lizard people but he follow miss about the human side.

    1. The lizard people are still putting hole in the bottom of the ship. If that does not sink the ship outright killing ever one.The crew will not be able to ship other and stock as the ship will need to be fix. Meaning they be hurt no matter what.
    2.As Thea point out that is still thievery. For all he now the cargo will be going to some hunger village or to some rich noble that will send a party to kill the lizard people as their raiding cost him to much. Thievery is never a good idea in the end.

    I had a third about how many lizard people that likely got eating by the cetus before it attack the ship but I think I bee talking enough.

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