Cyber Road – Page 15

Ashley works to figure out what type of file it was.

‘Studying the Storage Files’

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of files that must go into making some tech. Ashley likely knows more than I do.

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3 Comments on “Cyber Road – Page 15

  1. Wow that a long time to be running. The best I ever got was back when I was in school and this one time in spring break….ahhh good times.

  2. So this more interesting compared to the first version. It established that the Alice that Ashley created and the one she captured are two separate versions of Alice. Plus 30,000 years! Yikes besides Alice usual attitude it wouldn’t be surprising if this Alice to be jaded so I vote #1 to learn more about this Alice.

  3. Oh dear god what did Mordred’s group do this time?

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