Cyber Road – Shark… Cara?

Ashley presses Cara for answers, especially noticing Cara’s hair still falling out as the shark girl tries to play it off.

Ashley presses Cara but the latter doesn’t answer, more interested in playing.

Shark… Cara?

Well, she doesn’t make a bad shark but… why?

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2 Comments on “Cyber Road – Shark… Cara?

  1. Ok that smile so fit Cara so well. Love how the teeth are bigger then before as well. The playfulness of Cara is all so fun. Though got to agree with Ashley on the why the heel she working with any thing shark?! Really if not for the paths I feel that this be a very fun line but that bit about Cara losing hair still or how she not talking still make me worry.

  2. I love the redesign for Cara’s shark form, the darker blues to contrast with her lighter underbelly. Makes her form look a bit more intimidating.

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