Cyber Road – Little Waters

The two head back to camp, giving Cara’s parents a call and explain what happened.

The two try and head back to camp but the forest felt… different… bigger and wilder…

Little Waters

Well, magic comes with a cost. Feel like this is fair for a repaired arm and lungs.

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2 Comments on “Cyber Road – Little Waters

  1. Ok I really like how they turn into little kids but the best part is how they act as it was happening and after it. Very different then the other we have seen. Like for one they made a bit of fun of it. Cara talking about her shape and Ashley answer to where they go. This is likely do to that is why they are not as worry as some of the others.

    For looks. I love how cute they look and their hair styles.Mostly Cara as her had a lot more style (dye and shave spots) before hand. So this is likely what her hair style is normal.

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