Labyrinth of the Bound – Page 29

Marcus is confused by this other self…

Dark Voice of Belittlement

Wait, that cog… why does it look familiar to me…

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3 Comments on “Labyrinth of the Bound – Page 29

  1. Ok I really like this page as I agree with Bound Marcus on a few things.
    1.”Unity of the weak….” I agree with this line. You never now when you will end up all alone.(point to Marcus at this very moment). Plus if you are that much weaker then the other on your..let call it team. Then it can easy be your fault for the other memembers to lose the game, their job or even thier life. This is one I think one should all was try to better one self by make your skills better or learning new skills.
    2.”Mechanics of WAR” .To keep this short. This part feel some thing right out of FMA. Mostly the speech between Roy and Kimblee, winch is still one of my most fav moments in a manga. Even if this is just a sliver border, I really hope this thought come to Marcus in the gold at some point.Not really sure how this will work though.

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