Labyrinth of the Bound – Page 2

As Marcus got a move on, he heard an unusual thumping from nearby.

As Marcus began to climb upward, that loud ‘BOOM’ from before rang out again as things began to shift.

‘Tinker, Tinker’

Yeah, if you see one of those, best get to running.

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2 Comments on “Labyrinth of the Bound – Page 2

  1. Heheh nice to see a new version of the grunt. With this one and the old one the Heartless take away come into play. Just like how some of those have world theme version. i will guess so will this. Sort of cute in a way. As for the story part. Do to it name. I feel there is no top or bottom or length or width. It just keep going on and on.Just gear and pip as far as the eye can see. All so from what he said early on. I would if it past his mind that he may be in side the machine it self. Any way the big question now is what will be the next path.

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