Lore – Chapter 14 Page 28

Hungry as a Fool

Jack is certainly putting the kitchen to work.

2 Comments on “Lore – Chapter 14 Page 28

  1. LOL! Ok two thing that make this page wonderful. 1. Look like you where right about the food and the look on his face is priceless!!🥰 It not even just the face. Have firework and star in the background make even better . With the cherry on top being this is not his first bite but (let is three mugs, four bowls and five plates) 100’s bite and he still have that face.

    The other great part is the hamster. Who use a sewing needle to climbing all the way up to that shelf for a drink.We have seen this before but we still dont now if this is some thing Pagie is ok with or instead of rat trouble she have hamster trouble.

  2. I count 5 plates, 4 bowls, 3 flagons, 2 crying eyes, and 1 steaming pot of stew. I also count a suspicious looking hamster after some luck-of-the-irish.

    Remember kids learn to count.

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